Northern most lands of Panjara.

It has a southern coast that is cold but very good for growing crops and raising herds most years. It was first discovered by civilized nations about three thousand years ago, and various races and nations have made attempts to tame it.

The latest one was by the Empire of Grond some two hundred years ago. The empire has colasped to warring city states and pretender nations but the Prince of NorKeep who was placed in charge still rules this land and is still trying to finish what was started. Without the Empire’s support it has been slow going but he is a determined dwarf.

Prince Hiemar Hammerfists is greying more then a bit but still a strong and powerful figure of dwarf kind. His two sons have proven their metal in battle many times and both are well regarded. His elder son, High Bishop Ludar, is the high priest of Odin and commands much respect and power but he will never asend to be Prince having given up his claim to follow his faith. The younger son, Duke Jarn Hammerfists, is a might warrior said to have defeated a frost giant in single combat. He is also a brilliant smith and his work is highly valued.

The other members of the ruling council are:

Duke Tyron Boldlight – Human head of the Knights of Thor Duke Archabold Star – Human Count Felspar Windwhisper – High Elf Count Gunden Oathkeeper – Human Sir Josan Gynd – Human – Head of the Wizards at Odin’s Reach.


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