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Panjara is a world of four major lands. In the cold north is NorIlse, a land were the winter seems to last forever and lives are all too short.

The land is vastly unexplored by man and most civilized societies. A number of barabarian tribes share it with massive numbers of humaniods and to the furtherest north giants.

In the Worlds Teeth Moutains there are also dragons, but they are rarely seen.

A brave effort to bring civilization to this land was started some two hundred years ago, and it seemed to be succeeding until last winter when the cold was so bad and lasted so long few if any crops were grown. Food is now in short supply and worse the humaniods are becoming more aggressive.

From the town of Coldbridge a call has gone out for help, trolls, a problem even in good times, are threating the herds of then farmers, and if reports are to be believed kidnapping locals. The Baron of Norrend has offered money and rewards for someone to put an end to the troll menace. Do you have what it takes, only time and adventure will tell.

Main Page

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