A small but not poor hamlet on the very northern edge of civilized lands. It was named for a magical ice bridge that was found nearby that is still in use today by farmers and woodcutters.

The major industries are farming, wood products, and wool.

The hamlet is within Duke Archabold Star’s realm and managed by the Baron of Norrend a small keep in the middle of the hamlet. The Baron is an older man, no longer fit for battle. His son is a knight of some renown and a favorite in Archabold’s court. His second wife is very young, and generally thought of as the real leader of the town. She is well thought of by the locals but most nobles will have little to do with her because of her common blood.

The local church to Thor is active with many members. There is also a temple to Odin and a shire to Tyr as well.

The town population is about 80 percent human, 10 percent dwarven, and 7 percent elven. With the remaining 3 percent gnome, Halfling, half ogre, and one half orc who is known in town and left alive because he’s a member of the church of Tyr.

The two local taverns are the Broken Wagon and the Gilded Rose. The Wagon is filled with commoners and soldiers most nights, it’s one and only feature of note is it is the cheapest tavern around. The Gilded Rose is more expensive and has nightly entertainment. It also features Rose, the owner and a rare performer at it. Men from all over have courted her, even more then a few nobles but so far none have won her hand. She is human and getting on in years though still a beauty and many think soon she will pick a suitor.

The troll problems have always existed but now they seem to have a troll that takes prisoners, odd and very strange but he also seems to be killing a vast number of local farm animals and not eating them all. This is tough on a town already suffering from a bad year with crops, the entire north is struggling after a really bad crop year.


Panjara Thurgon