Baron of Norrend

The Baron has had a long and if not heroic record a consistant one of managing the fronteer well enough so no major problems other then the war with the Orcs. And that was way beyond his control and he managed to meet it with courage and intelligence. It secured his reputation as an able leader and good and loyal soldier of the Duke. His wife passed away a year after the orc war, about 7 years ago. Only two years ago he married a woman younger then his son from a poor family, she had nursed his son back from near death after he had fought with the Duke at the Rise of Goblin’s pre emptive expitdition. The father fell for her kindness and married her.

Baron Auguestive Norrend

Baroness Rawwind Norrend

Lord Waltron Norrend, Knight of the Gold Challice

He maintains peace these days with his guard called the Frozen Knights, a rough group of warriors, barbarians, and half – ogres that are loyal to the Baron and his wife, even if they are a little dirty and rough around the edges the populus likes them well enough.

Baron of Norrend

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