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Two nerdowells sitting in the Broken Wagon come to the realization that they are running low on beer money. Work is unthinkable so they must find a way to gain needed funds without doing too much. Ajax the thin but agile one pulls a posting from the board and hands it to his drinking partner Callix.

“Look 1000 gold all we need to do is kill a troll.” Ajax points out.

Callix nods, he’s heard about this reward already even heard there is a knight recruiting for it. So he shares that story with his pal. “There is this knight gathering folk already. Maybe we can join and make some money, I am getting thirsty.” He explains.

So off the go and find this knight (Sir Trunbul Dreadblade) they do. They sign up and then for some reason agree to find a tracker.

“How did we get hooked into finding the tracker?” Callix asks.

“I don’t recall. All I said was I knew a starting point for our search.” Ajax explains.

“No more offering information it seems to create work for us.” Callix demands as they enter the drinking hole of many of the local hunters simply called the Beer Hall.

Callix spots a dwarf, he looks like a hunter so Callix spends some of his little remaining coin and buys him a drink. They converse, this dwarf turns out to be a trapper named Vulgar and he agrees to track for them. Ajax is thrilled this “work” is done and they head back with their “tracker” in tow.

Well to make a long and rather painful story shorter Vulgar seems about as good a tracker as Callix, which is to say he aint very good. They spend a day nearly so lost they can’t find their way back and then give up the hunt for now.

Normally our two defenders of lassitude would call it a day and get some sleep. But the lack of beer money prompts them to action. They start asking about, talking to locals, barkeeps, and well women whenever possible. Finally they uncover more then they guessed. The missing barmaid was an elf and the missing farm hand her love moreso the two were talking marriage openly. Seems both families were supportive thus dismissing the idea of them running away to marry. Finally they find a small hint at trouble. Seems this druid was making eyes at the barmaid and he may even have threatened her. But who is this druid, his name seems to avoid them at every turn.

Finally through a stroke of sheer brillance they decide to check out herb shops asking about anything people can recall about him. They find he had an arguement with a local hunter recently. They track this hunter down using skills they never knew they had, they ask a local leatherworker about him, and then wait to meet the him.

Finally they find this man, his black hair neatly trimmed, they approach and ask for his wisdom. Their enemy has a name, Bearclaw, and he is indeed not a nice guy. Is he truly behind this crime, well they don’t know but hey facts be damned they have a tracker and they aim go back to the tracking. Ok so they forgot to get help this time, ok so they are just three now against well a cow entrancing druid and a mysterous “troll” but surely the gods are on their side. As they cross the bridge on the way to the farm once again they all look under it just to be sure then rush to begin this adventure with renewed gusto.



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