Into the Woods

And so Ajex and Callix went in search of money. They hired a local hunter and priest and headed into the wilderness. It was a long trek and they saw signs of orcs nearly every step but they managed with some luck to find the missing barmaid. Unfortunately she was not alone.

They came to find that the druid they sought had a helper, a tall well armed and armored troll they never expected to find. It tought a brutal battle to bring them both down and save the girl. The cost was the life of both the ranger and the priest. It also left many questions unanswered.

What was the mysterious plant thing that seemed to be soaking up the blood from the sacrifices? Why was this druid worshiping it? Where did this new type of troll come from?

Happy go lucky guys as they were the ranger Erik and priest Grandon had been brothers-in arms, there was a bond there. They could not just let things lie like this. The returned to Coldbridge, gave the families a share of the reward, and headed back out to visit the druid encampment and get some answers.

These answers would not be easy in coming. It was a long and dangerous trip to the Winter Watch, and it was not straight forward in finding any answers either. The druids there knew of their lost member, but they had no answer as to why he was sacrificing people. They did know he and a team of researchers who also have gone missing went to this recently found “lost city”. So they went there, looked about found out a little from a rather helpful spirit and left to report in with the druids. Trying to return proved deadly, and so they have returned to the druids again seeking extra help. Now joined by Delmarr the Paladin, Solstan the Grey Elven Bard, Iron Beard the Dwarven Ranger, and Lylle the Half Elven Druid they will set out once again.



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