Enter the Dragon

((Party Composition: Solstan – Grey Elven Bard, Ironbeard – Dwarven Ranger, Lylle – Half-Elven Druid, Delmarr – Human Paladin of Pelor, Callix – Human Warrior, Ajex – Human Rogue))

The “lost” city now has a name. A bit of research later the name is Xim, the city of Iron. Long ago it was the cpatial of a great empire, the city itself was known for its steel and iron works. But over 3000 years ago something destroyed it. Not much more was found out but at least it has a name now.

They head back, this is no easy jounry taking many miles and through obviously dangerous lands. But return they do, and deciding it best to not spend the night in the city but really close to it they sleep right outside the ruins of it.

Unfortunately this wasn’t far enough away for some of the creatures that haunt it. A group of armed and angry spirits assaulted the group. A desprate fight ensured but the heroes prevailed. They head into the city early and that is when … the Dragon enters. Flying overhead a massive dragon appeared, luckily he did not seem interested in the group but his very presence seems to have had it’s effect. Four members colapse and the remaining two see changes in the land and the city right before their eyes. Something bad is happening.

((Short session))



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