Welcome to Panjara

This is a world of four major lands. One the far north called NorIsle, and that is where you are. People here are a tough group made that way by an unforgiving land.

The largest land is the middle isle called Midhiem by the dwarves and humans. It is covered in vast forest, incredibly tall mountains, rolling fields, deadly bogs, and so much more. Here city states battle it out for surivial against each other, and against outside foes.

The next land is filled with death and darkness and is call Forzan, the lost lands. History tells you that once a mighty kingdom ruled all the lands from here, but something terrible happened, and now the land is dead and the dead walk apon it. It is a forsaken place that few living persons would dare to go, but from which every now and then the undead come from in great numbers to bring terror and death to all other lands. But it has been quiet now for nearly a thousand years, perhaps the dead have finally found peace, who knows, for no one has been brave enough to check.

Finally the Juggle lands of Zugonda. Covered in steaming Juggles a few cities dot the land and further in there is rumored to be vast tracks of land and maybe even more but the high mountains of the Tungar Range combined with the militaristic lizard men have stopped civilization from exploring past just the edges of the land.


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